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This vault is in 2 sections.
:: Static windows can be used as they are or you can add your own elements into the scene.
:: Animated windows are smaller and ready to use on your webpage.

Graphics by Marilyn Buck
Site Content Copyright 2003-Until Hell Freezes Over

These are not "free" graphics. Please read Terms of Use.

||| Static JPEG Spooky Windows |||

Close the curtains, lock the doors
† The Graveyard
† Haunted Tree
† Dead Tree
† Looking Into Haunted House
† Dark Path
† Dark Spooky Night

||| Animated GIF Spooky Windows |||

Close the curtains, lock the doors
† Animated Graveyard
† Animated Haunted Tree
† Animated Dead Tree
† Animated Haunted House
† Animated Dark Path
† Animated Dark Spooky Night
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