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TERMS OF USE (aka Demented Ramblings)

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All graphics on have been conjured up by Marilyn Buck (aka The Spooky Webmistress, Artgekko), unless stated otherwise. Copyright dates span from 1998 to the present, all rights reserved.

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TERMS OF USE (Just a few simple rules)

1. ** A link back to ** Link must appear on the page my graphic is displayed. Linking graphics HERE. Help keep the darkness bright by directing others to my site. It gets lonely in the crypt.

2. ** Do not place these in collections for distribution or offer any of my graphics for sale, alter images, use any part of images for creating other images/tubes or remove copyright/artists name from a graphic. ** This is copyright infringement. If you do, and when you are caught, (which you will be) you will be force fed maggot sandwiches.

3. ** Do not direct link/hot link. ** If you wish to use a graphic you must download it to your own computer and then upload the image to your own website server. This includes all ZIP files. Direct linking is considered "bandwidth theft". The spirits really frown on that practice. Great misfortune follows those that direct link.

4. ** Copyright. ** I retain any/all copyrights of my original graphics, all rights reserved until Hell freezes over.

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