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Add some spooky decorative borders to your webpages. These seamless borders are from my original graphics so please link back if used. Hope you enjoy using these as much as I've enjoyed scaring them up! If you would like additional web elements made to match these borders (backgrounds, banners, buttons, title graphics, interface, etc.) feel free to contact me to conjure them up. Happy Hauntings.

Graphics by Marilyn Buck
Site Content Copyright 2003-Until Hell Freezes Over

These are not "free" graphics. Please read Terms of Use.
† Dead Twisted Tree
† Skeleton
† Dark Man
† Ghoul
† Graveyard Cross
† On Your Knees
† The Walls Have Eyes
† Dragon Keep
† Badlands
† Behold
† She-Ghoul
† Smoke & Mirrors
† Spider Attack
† Gothic Chic
† Really Dead Rose
† Alienator
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